In Depth: A closer look at Milk Makeup

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Milk Makeup was launched in 2016 by Mazdack Rassi, a co-founder of Milk Studios, his wife and Marie Claire editor Zanna Roberts Massi and Georgie Greville. Milk is a 100% cruelty free brand with products ranging from makeup to skincare and formulas that make application simple and easy.  That’s why their motto is, “Milk girls do their makeup quick.”

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Since making the decision to trade in my full coverage makeup look for something much more natural, Milk Makeup has become a part not only of my everyday makeup routine but my skincare routine as well.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the products I’ve been loving.

Ubame Mascara

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Ubame mascara is made with ubame oak charcoal and sapphire dust. Sounds pretty magical right? The wand has three balls which help to create more volume and keep your lashes from sticking together. Like all milk products Ubame Mascara is 100% cruelty free but this one comes with some extra perks: It’s vegan too! The one downside of this product is that it does take more than couple swipes if you’re looking for a more dramatic lash look but if you’re looking to keep it natural Ubame Mascara is the friend you’ve been looking for.

      Flex Concealer

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Now let’s talk about Flex Concealer. I’m a girl with dark circles and not just any dark circles, they’re genetic. Having genetically dark under eyes means they aren’t so easy to get rid of and by not so easy I mean practically impossible.  That’s where Flex Concealer comes in. It not only helps me keep my dark circles at bay but it’s infused with marshmallow and chamomile to help decrease redness and blemish inflammation. I like to use Flex Concealer under my eyes and around my nose but you can use Flex wherever a little extra coverage is needed.

Oil Lip Stain


The oil lip stain is a no fuss product and that’s why I love it. It not only nourishes my lips with it’s vitamin E formula but it’s kiss proof, smudge proof and food proof. The formula is buildable so you can get that just bitten look or work it up to a more opaque color.

Gel Brow

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My brows have gone through more changes than I can count. From barely there to way to in your face, you name it my brows have done it. But with Milk Makeup‘s Gel Brow I’ve found a happy medium. Gel brow is a waterproof, transfer proof brow pencil that keeps my brows in place all day. The only downside to this pencil is that it only comes in three shades. If you have blonde or ginger brows this pencil may not be what you’re looking for.


Milk Makeup is a brand that I find my myself quickly falling in love with and I can’t wait to add more of their collection to my makeup bag.

You can find Milk Makeup in store at Sephora and Urban Outfitters.



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