Monthly Favorites: May 

It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for my monthly favorites.

From my favorite mascara to my favorite serum.

Here’s all the beauty and skincare i’ve been loving this May.


Products from left to right: Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara, Milk Makeup Flex Concealer, Glossier Haloscope Highlighter, Glossier Lip Gloss,  Mac Strobe Cream, Renewed Hope in a jar Skin Tint, Inglot Sparkling Dust, Glam Glow matte lip plumper, Milk Makeup Gel Brow.

Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara: For a girl like me with barely there lashes the Ubame Mascara does the trick. This mascara not only separates and lengthens lashes but creates massive volume too. I swipe from root to tip to lengthen and create volume then use the tip of the brush to separate any of those pesky lashes that may have gotten stuck together in the process. Ubame Mascara is a buildable product, so depending on how I’m feeling that day I can either go subtle or dramatic with my lashes.

Milk Makeup Flex Concealer: What I love about the Flex Concealer? It’s creamy and workable without being so emollient that it immediately creases and sinks into your fine lines. It’s full coverage but not cakey.  While this doesn’t completely cover my genetically dark under-eyes, it definitely helps hide the fact that I may have stayed up all night watching true crime documentaries on Netflix. But don’t fault the concealer, not even the fullest of full coverage concealers could keep my dark circles at bay.

Glossier Haloscope Highlighter in Quartz: I am admittedly a highlighter junkie, so it was an easy decision to try the Haloscope Highlighter. Haloscope gives me the glow I’m looking for without leaving shimmer all over my face. The product melts right into my skin so I get a natural but still blinding highlight. It may just be my new favorite highlighter and not just for the month of May.

Glossier Lip Gloss: I love wearing lip gloss. But wearing lip gloss usually means sticky lips and sticky lips mean avoiding my boyfriends kisses while constantly separating the hair on my head from the gloss on my mouth. So I avoided it. That is until I tried Glossiers new lip gloss. It gives me the high shine I’m looking for without the stickiness I dread. I love wearing it alone or pairing it with lightly lined lips for a more sultry pout. This gloss has definitely become a permanent staple in my makeup bag.

Mac Strobe Cream: Is there anything strobe cream can’t do? It’s great under foundation or on bare skin. There are so many uses for strobe cream but the main way I find myself using it is alone on no makeup days. I just pat the product onto the high points of my face and walk out the door. And because I love you all so much I’m going to share a pro tip with you. Buying two travel sized versions of strobe cream is cheaper than buying the full sized version and you get TWICE as much product. Don’t know how that one got past the MAC execs but i’m glad it did.

Philosphy Renewed Hope in a jar Skin Tint: Since I’ve already done a full review on this product, I’ll keep it short and sweet. It leaves me looking healthy and radiant while evening out my skin tone. It also provides moisture and sun protection. Could a girl ask for more?

Inglot Sparkling dust: When I want that extra glow, I find myself reaching for sparkling dust. I’ll apply it on top of Haloscope for an extra blinding highlight or to my collarbone and tops of my shoulders when I’m wearing off the shoulder or low cut tops. It’s easy to travel with and little goes a long way. I don’t see how i’ll ever run out of this stuff but if I ever do, I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

Glam Glow Matte Lip Plumper: This lip plumper has to be one of the most intense lip plumpers i’ve ever used. If you don’t like intense tingling sensations, this product probably isn’t for you. But surprisingly I didn’t buy this product for the plumping qualities, I bought it because the color happens to be my perfect nude! The formula isn’t overly matte and the color isn’t too heavy. It gives me a more natural look than any of the other matte lip products I own and I love the way my lips look after applying.

Milk Makeup Gel Brow: I’ve got dark brows and having dark brows can be tricky. I want to be able to match the color of my brow pencil to the color of my brow hairs but I also don’t want to look like I just did my brows with a sharpie. Thats where gel brow comes in. Gel brow is one of the most natural looking brow pencils I’ve used to date. It matches my brows without leaving behind a color so dark that I look like i’ve got permanent marker on my face. Plus it keeps my brows in place with its gel formula. It’s a truly an all in one brow pencil.


Products from left to right: Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip, Avalon Organics Perfecting Toner, Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin, Foxbrim Retinol Serum, Aztec Secret Healing Clay.

Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip: My skin literally takes a trip every time I use Mountain Oceans Coconut Skin Trip moisturizer. This moisturizer not only smells great but keeps my super dry skin moisturized without making me a greasy mess. The heavenly scent of coconut almost makes me forget I’m getting ready in my bathroom and not on island in Fiji.

Avalon Organics Perfecting Toner: The ingredients in this toner can not only help reduce fine lines and wrinkles but also help to tighten pores, fight free radicals and keep your skin balanced and moisturized. Since adding this toner to my night time skincare routine I find that I not only go to bed with soft and glowing skin but I wake up with it too.

Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin: When I need a little more moisture than regular rosewater can give me I turn to heritage stores rosewater with glycerin. Not only is it great at helping to add some extra moisture back to my skin but it’s a perfect dupe for MAC’s Fix Plus Spray and it’s 10 dollars cheaper. It’s great as skincare and even better for setting makeup, it’s a win-win situation.

Foxbrim Retinol Serum: Earlier this month a friend recommended that I add retinol to my beauty routine. At the time I really had no idea what retinol could do for your skin. Not only can retinol reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but it can even out and brighten your skin tone while unclogging your pores to reduce acne. Seems to good to be true right? Well it’s not! Besides sunscreen, retinol is the one thing all dermatologists seem to agree on. I love this serum because it leaves me looking dewy and fresh. I use this serum in the morning and then use Differin a formerly prescription-only retinoid at night. The two together have been a dream!

Aztec Secrets Healing Clay: When I first started using this product I was in a skin crisis. The texture of my skin had taken a turn for the worst and my face was covered in tiny flesh colored bumps. Not cute. I did some research and come across this Indian Healing Clay. Never in my life had I seen such fast results from using a product just one time. Aztec healing clay has been a life saver for my skin and since using it the texture of my skin has never been better. Fair warning, this is a pretty intense mask! but it does a great job at really cleaning out my pores and evening out the tone and texture of my skin.


Products from left to right: Grateful Desert Middle Eastern Hair Oil, I Wrote This For you, Weleda Rose Deodorant, D.W. Home Tobacco Woods Candle.

Grateful Desert Hair Oil: A while back I had a bit of a hair bleaching disaster which forced me to cut it all off and start over fresh. After recovering from the trauma of having to cut all my hair off, I started looking for something to keep my scalp nourished and my ends from splitting. I picked up this blend of nourishing essential oils on a trip to Joshua Tree and have been loving it ever since. It helps control my naturally frizzy hair and strengthens it to prevent split ends and breakage. Since using this hair oil I have hope that my hair will grow back healthier and longer than ever before.

I wrote this for you by Iain S. Thomas: I Wrote This for You is a compilation of thoughts and photographs separated by four sections. Sun, Moon, Stars and Rain. This book managed to take every complex emotion I’ve ever felt and translate them into words on paper. The title of the book is no joke, Iain S. Thomas really makes you feel like he wrote this book just for you.

Weleda Rose Deodorant: I don’t want ingredients like aluminum anywhere near my under arms which is why using a natural deodorant is so important to me. But the problem with natural deodorants is they tend not to keep you odor-free for very long. With Weleda Rose Deodorant I find I don’t really have that problem. I also don’t find myself reapplying all day or feeling self conscious about my underarm smell when the weather heats up and I start to sweat a little more.

D.W. Home Tobacco Woods candle: If you read my post on finding a signature scent you might know that I have a heavy love for anything that smells warm or woody. The Tobacco Woods candle not only provides me with both of my favorite scent profiles but leaves me feeling relaxed every time I light it. Unfortunatley this particular candle isnt available on their website anymore but they still have plenty of similar candles to choose from.


Thats it for my monthly favorites and I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the things I’ve been loving this month!

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog page, read a blog post, left a comment etc.  Starting this blog has been a dream of mine and I can only hope that this passion project can one day turn into a career. Your support is what keeps me going and I promise I have so many great blog posts coming your way.

I hope you’ll stick by me as I continue to make improvements and changes. I hope to get better at this thing with every blog post.




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