Product Spotlight: Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint

The story:

As I sat in my bathroom applying my foundation as I always do, something suddenly changed. I hated the way it looked on me. It didn’t matter how much or how little I put on, it felt cakey and claustrophobic. I wanted something better.

My skin has always been something I’ve taken pride in. So why was I covering it up all the time?  I wanted to show off my features! Not cover them up with layers of foundation. It was in that moment that I decided to quit full coverage foundations cold turkey and try for something better.

Later that week I found myself inside Ulta. I wandered over to the “natural” beauty section. It had brands like Juice Beauty, Philosophy and PÜR. After talking with one of the Ulta beauty experts I was led to the Juice Beauty gondola. They had suggested I check out the CC cream. I picked it up and swatched it on my hand and then my cheek. In the moment it seemed like everything I was looking for. It was luminous, dewy, light in coverage and light in texture. I left the store thinking I had found the perfect product. But of course it wouldn’t be that easy. Just a couple of days later I found myself back at Ulta returning it in a hurry.

If you’re considering adding a CC cream to your collection, stay away from this one. At first it gave me a beautiful glow, but that glow soon turned into a greasy mess. It stayed tacky and never dried down. Any product I put on top of it just moved around my face. I’m not an oily girl but this product left me one big oily mess.

To be clear I love Juice Beauty’s skincare line, it works great for my skin. But let’s just say  I don’t think I’ll be trying out anymore more of their makeup anytime soon.

So here I was wandering the aisles of Ulta again, I came across Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint. I wasn’t too familiar with Philosophy as a brand. If we’re being honest I had brushed them off as an “old lady brand” long ago. But the phrase “skin tint” was enough to catch my eye, in fact it sounded exactly like what I was looking for.

So I hopped on my Ulta app to look at the reviews.  It had four solid stars and many of the reviews used phrases like “my skin has never looked better” or “this is my new holy grail product.”

After reading review after review and swatching it about a dozen times, I grabbed my shade and headed to the checkout counter.  All while hoping that I hadn’t made the same mistake I did with my previous purchase.

When I got home I sat down to try it out. As I blended it into my skin, I immediately fell in love. The formula was light and airy, the coverage sheer but buildable and GODDAMN WAS I GLOWING. It blended into my skin seamlessly and the other products I used in my beauty routine worked together with the skin tint masterfully.

My skin had literally never looked better.

I’ve been using the Philosophy skin tint for a little over a month now and love it just as much as I did the first time I applied it.

Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin tint (could the name be any longer?)  retails for $39 dollars and you get 1 ounce of product. The skin tint claims to be a whipped water gel formula, containing wu zhu yu plant extract for a “shine free” glow and built-in SPF 20.

Now let’s break it down:

Packaging: The one downfall of this product may just be its packaging. It comes in a small white jar, no pump, no nothing. Although I always wash my hands before I apply my makeup, sticking my fingers in foundation always seemed unsanitary to me. When you unscrew the cap, you’ll find a clear plastic covering. Make sure you don’t throw it away, that’s what’s gonna keep the germs out. A fan of the packaging? Definitely not. But I can look past it considering how much I love the product inside.

Shade range: Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin tint is only offered in five shades. Sand, beige, tan, honey and cocoa. I know what you’re thinking, five shades? are you kidding me? But! each shade is meant to fit a wide variety of skin tones far and in between. I suppose since the coverage is so light and this acts as more of a tinted moisturizer than anything else, it could technically work? I hate to see any brand offer such a small range of shades, its unfair to my darker girls out there. It’s 2017 and by now you would think someone would realize not all women of color can wear the shade cocoa.

Coverage: The skin tint can be applied sheer or built to a light/medium coverage. I apply it lightly but will build the coverage in any problem areas I may have that day. I find that even when I build the coverage my skin still looks like my skin. The formula builds and blends seamlessly. The best part? It never looks cakey or makes my skin feel like it can’t breathe. And since $39 dollars is on the steeper side of what I’m willing to pay for a “skin tint”, I love that just a little bit of product goes a long way.

The glow factor: I didn’t know what the fuck “wu zhu yu” was so I googled that shit. After scrolling through page after page, what I can tell you about its skin benefits is… basically nothing. What I do know is that the plant wu zhu yu is traditionally used in Chinese medicine. It’s used to relieve symptoms from the common cold  or stomach aches and can provide some relief from vomiting and headaches among other things. There’s no proof that wu zhu yu does anything for your skin but I can tell you that this skin tint makes me look like the glowing goddess I long to be. So for now I won’t question whatever magic they’ve mixed up over at Philosophy.

Lasting power: Without a setting spray I would say this product lasts about a normal work day about six to eight hours. With a setting spray I would say this product could last you through work and a couple drinks at the bar no problem.

Is it worth it? I can’t tell you what to spend your money on, but from my perspective this product is worth every penny. Since wearing it I have had quite a few people say “whatever you’re doing to your skin, keep doing it” and I will! Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint is my new holy grail and I plan on repurchasing it as long as they sell it.

You can pick up the Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint in store or online at Ulta and Sephora.




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  1. Loved your review! I need to try this ASAP 😀 xx

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